About Gintas Vilkelis

Dr Gintas Vilkelis is a world-class Physicist who looks at politics from a scientific perspective.

Born in Lithuania,  at age 18, he was one of the top 5 Physics students in the Soviet Union (a country of 350 million people) and a member of the Soviet team at the International Physics Olympiad.

In 1989, he was the first Soviet undergraduate student to be invited by an American university to study with a full scholarship.

In the mid-1990’s – mid 2000’s Dr Vilkelis was the top expert in the world on Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology with application in PET and CT scanners, medical and industrial X-ray imagers, as well as Nuclear and High Energy Physics experiments. He has a number of SDD and High-Z detector patents under his name.

During his 20+ years career in Physics, Dr Vilkelis had developed a reputation for being able to find workable solutions to problems that other people considered to be unsolvable, e.g. created devices that even his colleagues had considered to be impossible, started several R&D trends in the semiconductor radiation detector industry; even managed to cause changes in the laws of 2 countries.

When in 2005 his Los Angeles company (which he had co-founded in 1999) was bought out by Seiko Instruments Inc., Dr Vilkelis effectively quit Physics and put his focus on the second passion in his life: psychology, esp. on the question that had fascinated him since he was 15: what precisely takes place inside the human minds when they are trying to make a decision or are in the process of forming an opinion; as well as what kinds of factors affect and influence those internal processes?

NLP studies, in combination with the same problem-solving techniques that had served Dr Vilkelis so well in Physics, had enabled him to distil the most important aspects of human decision-making process into a small set of rules that are relatively easy to learn and to apply in everyday life. He calls them the “Fundamental Laws of Human Nature”, and is in the process of writing a book and creating an app, focusing on the four most important skills for success in life: problem-solving, decision making, persuasion and negotiations. After all, life is problem-solving, and it’s in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.

Dr Vilkelis has applied all of the above problem-solving techniques towards solving the problems discussed on this website.